I charge from £450 for a Uk application which includes limited searches, best efforts to obtain registration and official fees. There are no further fees to pay for ten years unless your application faces an opposition or you wish to enforce your registration. I work with Safeguard-IP who provide IP insurance.

If you are interested in covering several countries I offer cost effective packages that invlove your selecting a list of possible candidate marks. I then seek to obtain registrations for the best candidate. I usually offer a fixed price package for this. If you are worried that your brand may not take off there is a six months grace period before the majority of the costs are needed.

Many people have suggested that lawyers/attorneys encourage conflict so they can charge. In the short term that could work – but you get a bad reputation doing that and your clients suffer. Suffering clients will not grow and will send you less work in time. I clearly tell clients that disputes in the EU often take 7 years for the litigation process to finalise – very few clients have the stomach for that so the majority way forward is a compromise agreement. The UK is quicker but the timeframe is still too long for most businesses. In most cases I will attempt to offer a fixed price for obtaining a defined outcome. Please see my Linkedin profile for further information.

Alternatively, you may want me to discover any competitors who own a Mark similar to one you would like. Again I offer fixed price solutions to this situation.

I ask clients to do some initial homework – such as find the names of all the companies in the “group” their competitor belongs to. In other words please tell me that you want me to look at the ALPHABET group of companies – which includes GOOGLE etc. I will then prepare a free report on their Trademark portfolio. This will tell you what they have used/are using/might plan to use/can stop you doing.

I can represent you in negotiations aimed at your required solution. I can, without outsourcing, represent you in various fora

(UK IPEC court, UKIPO, EUIPO and WIPO) and often offer refunds if your stated objective is not reached.

HALF HITCH gin is now registered in over forty countries. There is even a version in Mandarin.

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